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Certified Backflow Testing and Repair

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Certified Backflow Testing And Repair

Business owners must have a backflow test conducted on their premises once a year. A licensed plumbing company and backflow certified plumbers must do this backflow test. In the testing, the valves are opened and closed to check for any anomalies, and then a form is filed to the local city to ensure that it meets the correct standard and that no code violations exist. Backflow may be a significant issue, so you should contact Alexander Services. We are backflow certified in NC to handle the backflow testing or repair. Call us at (919) 886-4822

What is Backflow?

Water distribution systems are built with the goal of directing water flow in one direction — from the distribution system to the user. However, if the hydraulic conditions inside the system diverge from “normal,” the water will flow in the other direction. As a result, in unprotected systems, it is conceivable and frequent for water to flow in the other way. This is referred to as backflow. When this occurs, the water system may become polluted with potentially dangerous substances to water consumers.

Why Does Backflow Occur?

Backflow is generated by cross-connections, which can let pollutants into the drinking water system. Back siphonage occurs when the pressure in a tank or water trough is lower than the pressure in the water system. This might allow tainted water to enter the system via inflow or pulling. Backpressure is another source of backflow. Backpressure happens when there is enough water pressure in a fire protection system or a multi-story structure to drive tainted water into the public water supply.

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