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Water Filtration System in Holly Springs, NC

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Are you noticing a distinct mineral taste or an unusual odor in your drinking water? Instead of squandering your finances and contributing to plastic waste by purchasing copious cases of bottled water, you can savor the excellence of pristine water right at home. Opt for our water filtration system installation services at Alexander Services and relish the superior quality of your drinking water. We proudly install water purification systems in Holly Springs, NC, and the surrounding areas.  

Our water filtration systems eliminate contaminants that not only impact your water quality but also pose health risks to you. Let our team install a water filtering system in your home and see the difference it can make. 

Water Filtration Systems We Install

You can improve your home’s drinking water in a few different ways. One simple way is with a water softener, which tackles the damaging effects of hard water. Hard minerals in your water supply can leave a white residue on bath and kitchen surfaces, make your skin or hair dry, and change the taste of your water. 

A water softener is ideal if you have hard water, but other contaminants like metal, sediment, and chemicals can also impact your home’s supply. That’s where a residential water filtration system comes in handy. Some of the most common types of filters we install include:

  • Point of use filters: Drink safely from the tap thanks to this filter that goes directly over a single faucet. 
  • Carbon filters: Carbon actively removes impurities in the water, such as dirt and debris, making this a good solution if your water supply isn’t the cleanest. 
  • Reverse osmosis filters: This whole-house filtration system forces water through several different semi-permeable filters to remove dangerous contaminants from the supply before water passes through your plumbing fixtures. 

Which Water Filtration System Is Best?

All types of water treatment can remove a certain level of impurities and make for cleaner, safer water. However, a whole-house water filtration system, such as a reverse osmosis filter, guarantees your entire water supply is free from contaminants. This not only improves your water quality for drinking, cleaning, and bathing, but it also protects your pipes from damage that sediment and mineral build-up can cause. 

If you only want to improve the taste of your drinking water, a filter that goes directly over the faucet can do the trick. However, you won’t see the benefits of filtered water through your shower, dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances that use your water supply. 

Types of Contaminants in Water

Many public water supplies have trace minerals in them, such as fluoride, magnesium, and calcium. However, some areas have higher concentrations of these minerals, which can pose health risks. Some water may even have dangerous contaminants like lead, chlorine, iron, and mercury. 

In addition, dirt and sediment can seep into the water supply to alter the taste and harm homeowners. Water may also carry various bacteria and viruses. A high-quality filtration system removes all of these contaminants from the water. 

Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filter

When you call our experts to schedule a water filtration system installation, you’re on your way to having the safest and cleanest supply of water. Experience all of the benefits of a water filtration system, including:

  • Better tasting water
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Fewer health risks due to drinking contaminated water
  • More money savings from buying fewer plastic water bottles
  • Longer lifespan of pipes and plumbing fixtures

Count on Our Reliable Plumbers in Holly Springs, NC

Installing any type of water treatment system requires a plumbing professional to inspect your pipes and correctly position the filter. Alexander Services is the Holly Springs plumbing company local homeowners trust for all their plumbing needs, including filtration services. We’re a family-owned business with over a decade of experience and have a dedicated team of the best plumbers. 

If you want to reap all the benefits of a water filtration system, reach out to the experts at Alexander Services. We can install a high-quality water filter in your Holly Springs home. Give us a call at (919) 886-4822 to schedule a consultation today. 

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