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Would I Benefit from a Zone System?

Are you thinking about a Zone System for your Heating and Air Conditioning system in your home and wondering if it is beneficial? Below we have answered some FAQ’s and if you live in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex or Holly Springs area, please call us at (919) 931-4674 out for a free consultation.

Is your downstairs frigid cold and your upstairs sweltering hot? You may benefit from a zoned HVAC system. Zone systems were developed just for that purpose; to better distribute the temperature through the house. A zone system breaks up the home into separate areas which can be controlled differently. Cooling enough upstairs without blowing cold air to an already comfortable downstairs.

How An HVAC Zoning System Can Save You Money

A zone system can save you money by reducing the need to run cold air to areas that do not require the cold air and redirect all the cooling power to the areas that need cooling more. Assorted studies have suggested the savings can reach 30% of your energy bills. Although, a poorly installed system can create higher energy bills and long-term damage to the equipment. Which is why it is recommended that you consult with an experienced contractor instead of trying this yourself.

Is My House Set Up for Adding a Zone System?

That depends on the duct layout. Most of the time an experienced contractor can work out the details and install a zone system that will work with most of your existing ducts. There will always be some changes because the system will need motorized dampers to be added. There are rare cases where the duct system is enclosed behind walls and sealed off from inspection. Those homes may not find it affordable to add a zone system.

What If I Already Have Two Units?

If you decide you are ready to replace the existing units, and both units are located in the same area or attic, this would be a great time to consider using a single system and zoning the ducts. As we mentioned before that a zone system can save up to 30% of your energy costs, cutting back from 2 units to 1 unit can save you even more because the combined cooling capacity can be reduced in most cases.

Other Reasons to Consider Zone Systems

If you have a home with large windows or large rooms that have significant sunlight, you may consider zoning that room separately from other rooms on the same floor. Or if you have a portion of your house that typically goes unused for large periods of time, then a zone system can help reduce your energy costs.


A zone system does require a significant upfront investment, but can quickly be recovered through energy savings. The convenience of not having to run up and down stairs to adjust temperatures can be enough to motivate most people.

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