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Proper AC Installation is Crucial

If you are like most, you spent a lot of time of choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home, but did you know that most future service calls on air conditioning units are due to a bad air conditioning installation? 

What most do not know is that the AC installation is just as important as the AC unit you choose. Below are a few critical things you will want to note when choosing an AC installer.

1. Do they use experienced HVAC technicians to install their system or are they just hiring cheap labor to install the system? Meaning, were they taught just to put a unit together, or do they have HVAC basics training to know how the system works.

2. Can the installer actually legally “Start” the unit at the end, or again are they just trained to put the unit in? To actually “Start” the system in the end they have to be EPA CFC certified to do so.

3. Is the company you are choosing doing a load calculation on your home? This will assure you are replacing the old or new system with the right size system. Many times, a builder will have installed the wrong size unit, and only when doing a load calculation will that be found. Bigger is not always better with AC systems.

4. Are they flushing the lines or are they cutting corners and not doing that? Doing this improperly will cause early compressor failure.

5. Are they checking final static pressures? Failure to do that would cause failure to the blower motors and compressors

6. Are they Licensed to do installs? The license only covers the company doing work. 

7. Are they hiring a licensed electrician to do the electrical hookups? A licensed electrician must be used for hookup to cover liability your liability.

8. Are they doing 2 levels of condensate safety protection? 

9. Do they include a 10 Year of Factory Parts and Labor Warranty?

At Alexander Services will check all the lists! We do it the right way, never cutting corners. Call us for your new AC installation needs.

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Katrina W
Katrina W
Holly Springs, NC
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Niko and Joshua were awesome, very polite and answered questions. I've use this business for several years for plumbing and heating and air. They are very honest, respectful and trustworthy! Fair pricing!
Marc K
Marc K
Holly Springs, NC
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The technicians were very professional and communicated very well about what they were doing. They worked outside in 90+ degrees and through a rain storm. I would recommend them for any plumbing services in the future.
Ava S
Ava S
Apex, NC
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I was able to get an appointment to tune up my AC unit the week following the week that I called. The technician was on time - wore a mask, gloves, and shoe coverings and endeavored to stick only to the thermostats and unit in the attic and went around to the back (I live in a town home) without going through my home. I truly appreciated this approach. The unit was serviced and the cost was very reasonable. I “found” this company because my daughter uses their services too and has been very happy with them.

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