Are You Having Air Conditioner Problems?

Are you having air conditioner problems? Is your a/c acting funny and not cooling like it used to?


Here are some tips you can do yourself before you calling an air conditioning repair company:

1. Change your air filters.
2. Check to see if anything is blocking the air return ducts and move it if it is.
3. Clean your outside condenser coils by doing the following:

Step 1. Use some common dishwashing cleaner and a pump sprayer and spray your coils from both sides to loosen the dirt and dust, let sit for 5-10 minutes

Step 2. Using your hose, spray from the inside out through the fan to push the debris out.

Step 3. The using a gentle spray, rinse the outside of the coil off.

4. Run you’re air conditioner for 10 minutes on a temperature about 5 degrees below the ambient house temperature.

If you have a thermometer, hold it near the return for 5 minutes and measure the temp at the return, then move to a vent, hold for 5 minutes, and measure the air coming out of the A/C unit. If the temperature difference is 15-20 degrees then you’re A/C is working normally.

5. Check that the indoor fan is blowing.
6. Check that your thermostat is turning the system on.
7. Check your outdoor unit that both the fan motor and the compressor motor are running.
8. Check your circuit breakers for tripped breakers.

If you are still having cooling problems, you may need a repair technician to assist you further. Give us a call at Alexander Services. We will come out and diagnose your air conditioner problem for FREE with$ 100.00 or more repair service

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